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Good day. I was wondering how to activate the Dolby Atmos function, i mean switch it on, but right now its in "light grey," meaning i cannot do it. Or is it because i have to have media playing first?Thete is another setting below it, but thats for g...
Hi, for some reason, I cannot use my camera app all of a sudden. It says, it can't be used due to the security policy..Help please Thank you kindly 
Good day all.I was wondering if there is a way to add more Ringtones to the built in list of tones. I tried using a third party App and when I choose a sound, then I don't see it in the list. I have a S20FE,and I was able to do this on my S7 Edge, bu...
Good day I have a Samsung S20fe5g, but cannot find a way to get a sound or vibration when I take a picture.Thank you 
Good day all. I have a S20FE5G, and I noticed in its specs on google that FM was built in?Thank you kindly