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I have an S20FE and I cannot clear my recycle bin. Every time I delete multiple emails, it will say they're deleted, but then they all come back, weird. They are Gmail addresses. I uninstalled the app, then reinstalled it, but the same thing happens.
Good dayI was wondering, when I am highlighting some text there is a separate window moving above it that shows it magnified, but I do not want this.. I have a S20FE Thank you
Good day, i was wondering how I can move items from internal storage to my SD card, can't seem to finf the option. I have 27GB in internal storage and not much room left, I have a SD already inserted long ago.
How can i use boice dialing, thank you
Good day all. I was wondering why I receive the same video twice on my s7 edge phone, or is it because it's from a Gmail to my Gmail address?. It happens when I open up my regular email through Samsung.