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The feature is enabled in the app's notifications. I used to it working but now it no longer works.Anyone else?Google Messages v7.4.049Tried v7.0 same issue.Facebook Messenger Bubbles are working fine though
It's finally here. Canada was dead last but omg the animations and this OS is much faster than OneUI 2.1. Immediately noticed a difference. For some reason gesture vibrations are turned on. Turned those off and turned on touch interaction vibrations.
Still no OneUI 2.5 or November updates in sight for the S9/S9+. Looks like a tactic to have most of these phone owners upgrade for Black Friday at this point.
I can't even update this.. It errors when you try.Anyone else getting it too?
Doesn't seem like the S9 is getting OneUI 2.5 any time soon unless they somehow release it last minute. Looks like December at the earliest when the whole world already has it but Canada. This is quite unbelievable.... still on September update. Than...