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Latest build. Also new bootloader version (again...)I wonder why they keep updating bootloaders as wellBootloader v6.Our June patch update had v5.
The app just updated to 3.1 in Play Store.I'm loving the changes, looks really nice.
Rogers/Fido finally released the S9 June update. S9+ already had it since the beginning of the week.
I hope we get the same June update as the Exynos model.The same build is up on FOTA testG960WVLU5CSF2This should be our June security update build.The Samsung Members notice does say there's a June update coming for S9, obviously they'll make it clos...
A series for some reason always getting updates before the S9. Unbelievable. What's so hard releasing a goddamn security update in time. It's not like we actually get bundled features and updates here in Canada.Unlike the F variant Exynos model where...