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Can I charge an S9+ phone with a USB c to usb c adapter and cable? Ty
My s pen will not work. I assume it has lost its charge but I don't know how to recharge it. There is no charging slot for the S pen on a tab s3. Perhaps that isn't even the issue.Any suggestions to point me in the right direction to get it operation...
Hi, I have a Tab S3. When using internet browser the address bar and tabs are not fixed. Causing a lot of mistypes as the screen often moves when tapped. Anyway to force the tabs and address bar to remain fixed? Thereby eliminated the "screen jumps"....
I have a tab s3. When email arrives, non-text, it will not show in the body. I must rotate the device and the images appear. Then it shows on all modes. This goes both ways. If I start in portrait, I must rotate to landscape and vice-versa.Same thin...