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Iron Man is by far my most favorite Superhero! The suit just continues to evolve in ways that'll blow everyones mind. It can do pretty much anything needed to win the fight!
Hey!I've seen a lot of complaints about the clock position after the Pie update. I personally don't mind it but Samsung just pushed updates for Good Lock and its compatible apps one of which is the Quick Panel Star. If you open up the Quick Panel Sta...
I have so much love in my life! The love of my life is my beautiful girlfriend and as beautiful as she is she won't let me share a picture of her here which is understandable. I also love my whole family and her whole family but they too wouldn't wan...
I'm not one to post pics from the gym. I always disliked when people took up mirror space to flex out lol one time I watched a guy take a pic of a 95LB weight and then proceeded to pick up a 15LB weight lol everyone's got to start somewhere just disl...
I got 3 boys who love to be outside which also forces me to be out and walking or in their case, running! This will double my efforts to getting in shape! No matter the weather, we're out there! Sometimes the little ones' feet get cold which means if...