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I'm looking to renew my Lightroom Mobile subscription and looking at options where to buy it (either Google Play, Galaxy App Store, or the Apple App Store).While the Play Store and the App Store says there's tax, the Galaxy Store doesn't:So yeah, doe... is early. I love my Galaxy Buds+ I got from Unpacked but if the ANC is really good I may switch though I also have Sony WH-1000XM4 where it has really good ANC.
I still need to check if ECG is activated but it looks to be the same as the US variantEdit: Don't think it has ECG functionality :(
A long overdue pic of the last day of Unpacked 2020 back in February. Still incredibly grateful I was part of Unpacked 2020 and being a Samsung Member. Hope I can be part of again in the future and continue to try my best with the photos I take and t...
Shot on the Galaxy Note 10+ at Dundas Square in Toronto. Edited with Lightroom (thanks for the 2 free months, Samsung and Adobe!). It can also be edited like this with Snapseed.