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Visiting my friend. Using S10e night camera. Looking north from 19th floor, 13 Avenues south and a few meters west of Centre Street.
Just pointing out a feature of Samsung Email that is not functioning properly.It is not a feature that i rely on at all. As a result i've not tried to clear app data to see if it fixes the issue. When i swipe for more options, none are available. Swi...
It's actually working. Not entirely functional but a nice surprise.You can run it via Activity Launcher. Scroll down to System UI, expand it and it's the last one, "...demo mode."You can make a shortcut (long press the link) and edit name/icon.Also, ...
Well i've been at it for a couple of days and still pleased with an Android yearly that seems to hint at the end of massive upgrading, supporting the myth of your phone not being good enough. Just a hint, and some hope. This is my first time getting ...
Not sure why you wouldn't. Appears to be a nice upgrade to Pie. Subtle enhancements and a Privacy menu in Settings to allow quicker access to buried settings amongst everything.BUT! If you absolutely must go back, download the latest version of Samfi...