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I have a S10+ Thinking about upgrading to the S20 FE. What is everyone's thoughts on the S20 FE? Is it better then the S10+? Should I just stick with my S10+? Opinion's would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!!!
Samsung s10's need iris scanner so we can unlock the phone with masks on!!!!
I have had my earbuds set to read messages. It all of a sudden has stopped working and now says unable to read no TTS Voice data. Can someone please help me fix this. Thank you!
Just wondering how many ppl have downloaded the Disney+ app to their phone and can not run it over wifi? I have been having a lot of issues with apps not opening over wifi. Samsung members app will only open over data for me now. Used to run over wif...
Does anyone have an idea of when the Android 10 update will come!?!?