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Ever since Pie this feature randomly disables itself for no reason. I though it was on reboot but it didn't seem to be from reboots so I haven't figured out what causes it to disable itself but it's really annoying as I like this feature and comes in...
Since May 28 the Samsung Health update won't install to my 46mm Galaxy Watch (LTE) and now the new Gear Music and Here WeGo apps are doing the same thing. They stay stuck on "transferring to watch" or "installing" and I've left it for 30 minutes and ...
So Samsung, you said Feb. 2019 and today is the last day and still no sign of the update. What's going on? When will we finally get it? Why did you say Feb if you couldn't stick by that?Any update at least as to when we can hopefully expect it since ...
Ever since the Nov. 1, 2018 security patch update (crj3) my screen randomly for no reason turns on and shows my lock screen. This was an issue a while back but ended up being fixed and now it's back since the latest update. I even went as far as a fa...
Hey Samsung, where is the crk2 update for the gear s3? Will we even be getting this update in Canada or do we get the shaft on that one?