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I am unable to message more than one photo at a time on my s9+ which of course I find rather annoying. I swear I have been able to do this in the past. My crappy LG phone I use for my business will send 4 5 6 photos at a time. Any ideas would he help...
So yesterday I crossed the border from Canada into the states, like I've done many times before with my s9 phone, and this time I pulled out my phone and saw the little blue android dude doing something on the screen. I just assumed it was an update ...
Hello, ever since the pie update, my places have stopped working on my S9+ It worked fine before, and am curious if anyone else has this same issue?
Hello members,I have been using google cloud for quite some time, but I wanted to take advantage of the samsung cloud. I do know in canada I only have 15gb that I can use, so when it comes to photos, I wanted to ask what yall are doing. I wish it cam...
Hello, I would like to he able to use samsung mail for my work gmail account. I have it set up through my personal gmail account, but when I try to add my work gmail address, it will not let. It says, check username and password or pop and imap setti...