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so, question of the day, where is my other 30% of battery?so this just bad battery drain...
essentially this post is a rant how s8 became an outdated, absolute and simply annoying over the last 6 month. in this time I noticed drastic decrease in battery ability to hold charge( and I'm not power user) to hell I don't evenly watch video on th...
good day, does anyone get humidity warning on their charging port? or mine just glitched?
So, who's idea was it to send an update that forces user to teach a phone what brightness level you like in different light?is there a way to disable this "great" inovation?it is useless and should be only done as opt in option. I don't have time nor...
So, I don't know how to better explain itfor some odd reason my 5Ghz network connection sometimes go in stupid mode and can't get authenticated​, at which point it keeps trying to connect to wifi constantly. only fix I found is restart of phone or fl...