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When will Android 12, UI 4.x be available for NOTE 10+ ?
My Samsung Browser links color has changed to yellow & green (see the first two screenshots).... how do I changed the link colors to show as white & blue (see third screenshot) ? Not sure if this was a result of human error (if i changed one of my se...
Why are Samsung Members Canada Community Moderators (ie. Keagon) modifying our replies with no permission? What gives them the right?! Please explain.I was provided guidance and instructions on how to revert back to Android 10, UI 2.5 but some of tho...
When using ODIN to revert back to a previous Android and UI ( ie. A10 and UI 2.5), and once the respective Samsung files have been successfully flashed to the device,  is there anyway to avoid Factory Reset?Or is the factory reset a required step? 
I have always just trusted Samsung software updates and would update as soon as they would get pushed. Well, for Android 11, UI 3.0, I'm not happy about losing the two separate Dual SIM1 + SIM2 buttons for calls and messages. Lesson learned, so next ...