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I use degoo, it's gives you 100gb free storage! I also use Google which has unlimited photo storage if you choose @1080p and my computer.
So I've looked n looked n I can't find nothing🤷‍♂️At the bottom you can swipe up for (my configuration) :-recent apps (swipe up from the left) -home (swipe up from the middle) -back (swipe up from the right)I always use back (swipe up on right) 🤷‍♂...
WiFi icon at top of screen is blinking, does this mean it's not connected to WiFi and I'm using data?Never seen this b4 🤷‍♂️ even with huge amount of data I have on cell towers, it will still only last me another few days so this important!Thanks ☺️
I use an app called "stream" , it overlays on other apps but it does not play local files. I'm looking for a music video app that will play local files and overlay other apps, if it could play while the phone is idle or whatever we say when press the...