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Today get my Note 10 plus back service centre,they found solution for my problems,just set ur line to 3g,and the battery and receiving will be fine,high end without 4g 😀,the s pen function problem will look to it coz haven't found solution yet
After replace new motherboard and battery,my battery drained 31% during overnight(8 hours),on standby mode,no wifi,data,location and auto rotate function,so I have to charge it again before go to work,the receiving still poor ,cannot sent SMS inside ...
This is the problem technician said they haven't met b4,waiting for solution,i screen shot ,see the alighment went wrong and some of the text is missing when u extract text
Today i had a worst experience in service centre,my note 10 plus had a fews problem,technician change motherboard and battery for me ,another issue they haven't found a solution yet,when i collect my phone,my screen protector was scratch,staff said w...
Bought this phone January 2020,my battery drain 30% every night on standby mode,and the receiving is worst ,can't sent SMS and make call or receive in a building,,And u using s pen to extract text,the text will loss a few and alignment is wrong.Techn...