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So recently I have been experiencing something brand-new regarding my photos in my gallery. My storage space was absolutely full so I deleted a whole bunch of pictures when I move them onto my laptop. So I thought this would resolve the problem of ha...
I am wondering how to backup the Samsung Notes. It is not included in the list of apps that are backing up regularly. When my last Samsung phone died I lost all of my notes and there was no way to recover them later. Is there a way to manually make s...
I I have lost that little circle thing on my screen that has the tools and I use it for screenshots,  it's disappeared. Why is it gone and how do I get it back? And how else can I do a screenshot without using that little circle of tools?! Thank you
How do I turn off the stupid notification  I get confirming  delivery of text messages  ?! It started doing this about a week  ago, I must have changed something  or maybe it happened  since an update, but I want the notification,  mainly the sound t...
Ok, since I lost special  notes on my last phone, and was unable to retrieve  them, I'm diligent  now about backing up, however I don't want to fill up my cloud space unnecessarily with redundancy.At the bottom where it says delete back up, does that...