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after the most recent update for the galaxy a50 my battery life has diminished. I was getting over 8 hrs of SOT before it and now I'm getting 4-5 hrs
When recording audio using the camera mic, I was wondering what the native sample rate is. I want the highest quality but I dont want to have a situation where I use 48khz whereas the native capability of the phone is 44.1khz. I dont want to use 48kh...
Facebook keeps updating itself. I have turned off any installations from unknown sources in settings but it updates itself without using play store. This is on my s8 running android 9.
Updated to android 9 on my s8. Now the gmail app asks me every time what app to use for opening web links. I click chrome and select "always". But the app asks again every time. I dont want gmail opening links I want chrome.
Before the android 9 update on my S8, I used to be able to choose which apps would be automatically put to sleep after a few days, and others put to sleep always, and lastly apps that would never be put to sleep. I can't find these options any more. ...