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As per advertisement said all A series can stand for 2 days(almost). But we realise after fully charged 100% its only show the phone is only can stand for 1 day 2 hours only.
Samsung Galaxy A13 sluggish and slow in every aspect. Already disable Game Launcher and edit setting by using Developing Option but performance still lagging. Struggling use this phone even just bought it about 2 weeks ago. As Samsung Fans, very disa...
Even running the Instagram app to play the video the video becomes rigid not smooth. Same as other apps when click to open the loading so slow.
Even after using Developing Option and Settings the phone still slow and lagging during changing between apps and open-close-minimise the apps. Previously we use other brand phone (with 4GB ram) almost same spec as A13 (with 6GB ram + 6GB vr ram) but...