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Samsung A10s is one of budget-friendly smartphone on A-Series. After half-year of using it, I had a little bit noticed some good and bad sides about it.Pros;1. Smooth interface (Thanks to One Ui)2. Pre-Installed applications are useful (I'm a student...
Through your Samsung Members App, Go to "Get Help'Then, Click "Interactive Checks"Lastly, Test your phone for possible defect.
Playing mobile games, then suddenly someone calls you? You don't have to worry because there is new feature called 'Smart Pop-Up View'.Since I'm new to Samsung's One Ui skin (My very first phone from Samsung is duos something with touchwiz ui), I don...
Introducing 'Samsung 321' AppIf you have difficulty in memorizing or phonebooking numbers, Why don't you try this application called Samsung 321.From above picture, You can browse/call certain types of help there. It requires your location by the way...