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My volume.buttons are not quite working pls help me
MY PHONE KEEPS ON SHUTTING DOWN 2 TIMES A DAY the first time arrond 2 oclock i was watching a youtube video the host told me to click the link i pressed it and it went to her second YT Channel When i went back nothing was responsing so i turned off m...
love files app iam a vlogger (youtube hotdog vlogs ) and i store lots of my vlogs in my internal storage so files app help me i was able to clear 4 GB In my phone so the storage line is now half my phone has 64GB on it , THANK YOU GOGGLE
When you want to change your font but you see that only Harmonia sans and samsung sans are free ? But youre wrong theres more fonts that are free just download Zfont and download any font you like from that app . Hope you like it
Huawei Beated samsung for the largest phone manufacter in the world Last march 2020 1st place samsung 2nd place Huawei 3rd place apple 4th place Xiaomi Now Jun 2020 1st place Huawei 2nd place Samsung 3rd place apple 4th place Xiaomi Remember when Hua...