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1 My phone charges super fast charging, Remember the time I posted bad sides of my phone and it was charging so slow, it was actually a third-party app, be careful
1Do not enable developer options What will happend:Your phone will freeze it will be slower and that happened to me2Do not download third-party apps What will happen: your phone might get hacked Thank you
My volume.buttons are not quite working pls help me
MY PHONE KEEPS ON SHUTTING DOWN 2 TIMES A DAY the first time arrond 2 oclock i was watching a youtube video the host told me to click the link i pressed it and it went to her second YT Channel When i went back nothing was responsing so i turned off m...
love files app iam a vlogger (youtube hotdog vlogs ) and i store lots of my vlogs in my internal storage so files app help me i was able to clear 4 GB In my phone so the storage line is now half my phone has 64GB on it , THANK YOU GOGGLE