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Did you know that you can turn on/off your flashlight with Google Assistant using the spells in Harry Potter? Activate Google Assistant, say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" and then recite the spell "Lumos" (turns flashlight on) or "Nox" (turns flashligh...
S10+ user here. Received a software update today (mostly bug fixes and security patches) and completed the install. One thing I noticed is you can no longer use "match with dark mode" on the weather widget. I'm using one of the pre-installed themes c...
Instead of the traditional Dalgona Coffee, I used a banana milk shake as the base. Tastes a lot like Starbucks' Banofee Pie!
People say staying inside is the new norm. Have you adjusted to being indoors all the time? What do you miss about going out?
S10+ user here. Not sure if all models have this option. But if you do, I highly recommend using the full screen gestures instead of having the navigation buttons. Try it and I promise, this will change your life. Enjoy your full screen 😁Warning: it...