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A10s just got Android 11/OneUICore 3.1 it got a double tap to sleep feature but it doesn't got a double tap to wake feature, where's the justice there?If it's compatible with double tap to wake feature why it doesn't get a double tap to wake feature?...
Can some please tell me how can i turn this feature on because when im trying to turn it on it says i can't use this setting while you're using Power Saving Mode but as you can see power saving mode is turned off and no limit apps and home screen in ...
Does voicemail in my phone app free? How to access it for free
Can someone please tell me how to turn off the vubration when getting bubbles/notifications i dont want it i even turn the vubration options/settings but nothing happens
Just got a new zoom option in my a21s phone it just 8 before but it got higher into 10 when i updated it