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To be honest, I didn't like wearing makeups. And, I didn't know how to put one. But, my younger sister keep insisting that I should. So, I told her to put makeup on me. In exchange, I 'll teach her how to take good pictures. 😊
I miss my pre-pandemic life. 😔 I miss my province and family. I miss archery, hiking, swimming, and biking. I just hope that by December, we can actually say that our country which is the Philippines is finally COVID-19 free. That would probably be ...
Grabbed our old christmas lights, black cloth, set up my camera and tripod (self-timer shooting). Then, photographed myself to ease my boredom.
My mom has the warmest and kindest heart in the world. She's not just beautiful, but she also has a heart of gold. And guess what?! She's already 48 years old but we just look like sisters. Some also said that we might be twins! Kidding aside, I just...