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Hi.I'd like to find out how to get the carrier name (e.g. Rogers) to display in the status/notification bar on Android.On iPhones you usually see the carrier name in the top left corner of the screen, that's what I want to get on my phone (Samsung Ga...
if you're with TD or another bank that isn't supported you can get a stack Mastercard. basically it's a prepaid credit card which you can add to Samsung Pay the moment you register for it and they send a card too but you get a virtual one. and no it ...
Why is Samsung pay lacking what apple wallet has. I miss the feature where I would have my Starbucks card (which Samsung pay doesn't have) in the Wallet app and especially the plane ticket and movie tickets would show up on the Wallet App. I don't un...
If I buy an S10+ (Exynos) from Amazon. Ik it won't have a Canadian CSC code but will I still be able to use Samsung pay with a Scotiabank Debit despite it not being a Canadian model?