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You can be a different person to different people depending on how you want them to see you. On how you want them to understand you.On how you want them to know you.But there will always be circumstances when you have to stand tall to what you firmly...
For who knows what is good for a person in life, during the few and meaningless days they pass through like a shadow? Who can tell them what will happen under the sun after they are gone? Ecc 6:12
Hiding or ignoring your feelings don't make them go away. So why not decide to ignore your fears instead and run towards what you really feel deep inside. Life is full of fleeting yet precious moments that doesn't deserve what-ifs.
Loving my buddies! How's your experience so far? 🙂
The realization that each passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as our own and that everyone has their own story.