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User Activity  Remember the agony, anguish, pain and suffering of a Father as he chooses to save Man over His own Son. Don't ever forget that even in His greatness, he felt the deepest of pain and anguish. Think of a Father losing ...
And this is Love, in its highest and purest form and meaning, in its very essence, being said, and being shown......"It is finished."...
      Will you choose to go down a path where you'll know you'll lose everything, but will give everything at the same time? I know One who did. "One man should die that Man may live."   "I don't want to preach today. Instead, I just want to talk...
We're all woven in the fabric of life where we all seem to be connected even in the thinnest of string lines, that even if we've burned our relationship bridges to the ground, we will never lose that feeling. We will never be able to fully disconnect...
Pretty cool Samsung added the Direct Message option here in Samsung Members. 