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We all like to ask about features we want often in here. Well here is one that delivered!Theme Park is fully customizable and has DARK MODE SUPPORT!!!You can fully custize both modes. It's super sweet.
Hey there!So my sleep tracking works great but the way the app conglomerates the data bothers me. It will track my sleep fine but I wake often in the night and if I wake up at 1am for a bit and fall back asleep in the morning it will only count my sl...
On Note 10+ hereSo I've just started with Bixby routines and I'm enjoying it. The default driving routine is great and even has my YouTube music subscription enabled as the "play music" option by default when I get in the car. This is great. So I wen...
Is there a way to have checked items in Samsung Notes move to the bottom of the list?This would be very helpful for shopping and would allow me to finally move away from Google Keep.Also, is there a way to move list items up/down through the list? TI...