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Google is now rolling out the Airdrop counterpart in Android. Previously, our Android phones can transfer easily if they belong to the same brand via Wi-Fi Direct (Quick Share for Samsung, Huawei Share for Huawei, etc.)But now, you can easily transfe...
Has anyone here ever experienced that sometimes their Galaxy S20 just stops charging?That is when you plug your charger, it says charging, but after checking for a while you'll see it stopped charging which is so frustrating.
I was just wondering if the Display setting on screen mode affects the lifespan of our phone's display.That is, if you set your screen mode to Vivid, does it wear off your screen faster than Natural mode?Any thoughts?
Hi,Can we have this post to appreciate how good camera hardware and software our current Galaxy phones have now?Let's see your best pictures taken by your Galaxy phone in the comment below.
I would like to keep this post to track all the software updates Galaxy S20+ is receiving in the Philippines: 7-Jun: As of right now I have received the June software update though I've been reading some contents over the internet that the Exynos var...