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Its 2022 iphone has a dropdown hotspot shortcut.. i dont understand.. y.. samsung refuses to put one in. 
esim option now available on s21 ultra android 12....what? Finally.. i really tought that that was a right off..was even looking around old iphone 11.... 
Hey samsung canada. Why would i buy a watch with features you advertise, that have yet to be enabled on the previous gen watch (ecg/blood preasure). In canada.Thanks
Main reason all these years didn't switch to iphone was the SD card support. Now No SD card support? to me thats a deal breaker. .. and  I gotta buy a charger brick since my kids usually get my old one.(the cable is usb c to usb c)dont have that kind...
"Samsung removes ad mocking iPhone 12 not having a charger in the box. Any guesses why?"