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So, these are the steps I've come up with for rooting my S7: *Enable OEM Unlock in Developer Options**When asked to format data, and select "YES"*1.) Install: Samsung USB Drivers, TWRP img.tar, Odin 3.13.3 on computer. (I have links) 2.) Install Magi...
Ok... I've been on the edge of REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanting to root my phone. And I say this because I know a few people who have the new Pie update. So, for y'all expert rooters, who have rooted their phone before, (@Shaggyskunk1, don't you have a...
I've had quite the realization lately, I remember when Oreo first released, they took away the feature to set a custom text message notification sound for a certain contact. BUT, I was just looking through some text messages with my aunt and accident...
I have recently discovered that the built-in google chrome app has been getting worse concerning privacy issues! One particular time, I was looking through my photos in the gallery app a week ago, and noticed there was a glitch saying I had pictures ...
I'm wondering... Is it possible to get the latest Pie version of the Samsung Messages app on my Galaxy S7? (Canada)