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I posted before that a child spilled orange juice on my laptop. Bought system mechanic. I'm stuck in safe mode. Can I get pics ? I'm trying. Anyone know what I can do?
Small Island, but views are btfl, fish are plenty and ppl are kind. I would be here by the water anyday, than live in the city
This may be a silly question, but is it possible to take pics from an old phone to a new one. My old iPhone 4 has things like pics. Do I have to snapshot each one ... or can I take from one Gallery into another? They couldn't delete or transfer bc th...
The damage was extensive, but 2 houses away, they lost power, some homes and these people are still without it I was lucky Have more, but I have a limit of 10. I'm in a seniors, so even if we lost everything, we still have heeat, hot water and lights...
The picture of Seal Island Bridge in the daylight ... not like nighttime at all. Amazing to compare. Wish I could :))