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Why can't Samsung update doc.samsungmobile to show the changelog for the update when it's released? Received the June Security Patch Update yesterday & isn't updated yet, it's still showing the May Security Patch changelog.Was S...
Later in the morning than usual, but good to see the update this early in the month  Don't know why Samsung Members is showing the post was made at 3:42am, when it was actually made at 6:42am, until you open the post, which then shows the correct ti...
What a lovely greeting from Samsung Members. Inundated with Spam, promoting fake diplomas for a university in Tasmania in Chinese. Brilliant.New members will no doubt be impressed, when they are trying to get help. EDIT: Good to see that Samsung Mode...
There's no way that new members should be able to Flood Samsung Members! Put a stop to it! 
Good to see that *finally* Samsung has updated the devices eligible for One UI V3 Android 11, and it no longer shows the S9 series & Note 9 as being eligible. It only took repeated posts by various members to get Samsung to correct the error. Would h...