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I've been around for Samsung for a while now but with iPhone 12 being out I'll be dipping back into Apple. I've missed having iOS and it's features.I will be keeping my Galaxy Buds Live though, Samsung did a great job on them.This is all just my opin...
I can't see when my friends are typing and stuff. I think I remember reading about Samsung having an excluding messaging feature right?
I can't understand how the base model s20 is so much but Google's brand new Pixel 5 is $799.. Don't get me wrong, I love Samsung's products but their prices do nothing but draw me away from that ecosystem I've been trying to stay within.Hopefully the...
Samsung One UI 3.0 promises next level visuals, and functionality. The lockscreen pin pad is beautiful. I always thought that the settings menu was hard to use and not very easy on the eyes but the updated version has darker greys (removing that yell...