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Can't wait for galaxy unpacked the Flip 3 looks amazing and can't wait for the new watches with likely software changes. 
I think the biggest advantage of the galaxy smart tag over other smart tags is the ability to program the button to carry out tasks. I use smart things and smart devices a lot and I think it's awesome to be able to put the smart tag on your Keychain ...
When taking pictures I usually stick to the 3:4 view. I find that it's best when posting to social media and my virtual albums. However, I always keep a personally taken photo as my lockscreen. So whenever I have a special shot to capture I ALWAYS sw...
After upgrading at launch to the Galaxy S21 from an S9, one thing that has surprised me, is how addicted I am to the ultra wide lens. It's become an essential for me. Could never go without it again. Both these pics with my S21 are great but I love c...