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I'll be your spoiler for today coz im bored (again)Guys Samsung has released new Galaxy A series again which is Galaxy A03.Before anything else, A03s and A03 are not the same. A03S was released in November 2021.And A03 was to be released this January...
Hi co-members I just want to share my thoughts on the one ui 4 today coz im boredI know some users here experiencing mix emotions about the rollout of One UI 4. And some users notice that the schedule of One Ui 4 messed up already. Just like some mod...
I can't believe that samsung release faster security updates nowadays. Even some low end phones can get the latest security patch update.The January security patch update for Galaxy A01 firstly land in Russia for today and it will cover more region i...
What happened to the new update of Calculator App? Did you just put sound on the typing pad every time I tap the numbers. Like the sounds annoys me seriously when I'm calculating, for real.I wish i didn't update the app for now*looking for app down...
Finally Samsung rolled out One UI 4 here in Philippines.Let's keep waiting for our devices turn on getting the updates壟拾