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Well, I see that the A71 gets an update, not the A51. Why? Just so the giant's can force a push of upgrading a device? If this is the case for the future, I don't want it. I'll be happily and easily able to go back to the stone age and use the cheape...
Taken with A51, no filters.
Alright, this is bugging me a little bit...It's just a little miss leading. I don't really care about it or not. I don't like being teased...Where's my UI 3 and Android Version 11?🧐🤓🤯🤪
A view behind the waterfall.The cubby hole...
I like the features with the slo-mo editor. I don't like the background music adding. Can't chop or clip a song manually.Also the file I saved with BG music is gone..