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I still remember that evening.. the sun was setting like always but the feel was something else. It was like something is going to come from sky in the next moment! And the person like me who is a strong believer of ET events or activities, it was li...
An attempt to shoot directly opposite to sun! Took grass tops in the focus and got the beautiful shot! Needless to say Note10+ is top in the game when it comes to HDR photography.
I know its a harsh winter but its always good to remember the lovely fall season and "fall" in love again 😊 That small hut was so significant in the colorful trees that I couldn't resist myself capturing it. Hope you like it.
So Samsung introduced a macro lens in the new Galaxy S21 ultra! but what before that?!!Look at this beautiful capture through my previous flagship Galaxy Note 9. I did nothing crazy to be honest. It was jst my try with patience, multiple angles, good...
Black&white photography is something which I always get amazed from. No doubt, colors added zing in the life but sometimes some situation demands for b&w class!! Tried to capture these frozen water droplets on my apartment's glass window with buildin...