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So my phone is aced in my back pocket, and I accidently sat down and my phone was bent. Im pretty sure it was bent because my pants were tight and my phone was placed very deep in my pants. Will samsung be able to repair my phone? It was bought 2020 ...
GUYS IT'S HEREfor all A71 users!! hehe. It'll be a big help for us heavy phone users. 
will the samsung A71 model SM-A71F/DS get the android 11 update? I tried searching the web but it seems like only the model SM-A71W will get the new android and One UI update. (correct me if im wrong though hehe)
Drop your ign/ID let's play!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!! 
Hi good day everyone, I just want to ask for anyone's opinion about what kind of headphones or earphones do you use/bought. i.e. bluetooth headphone/earphone or wired. Any opinions about top brands like bose, marshall, and jbl. I am planning to buy m...