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Does anyone here is playing Genshin Impact? How's your experience using your Samsung phone?#GenshinImpact #S20Series #FanEdition
Look what I've just found out! I've been researching on how to take a great night sky shot with my S20 FE. And after how many trial-and-errors, somehow took good shots of the night sky (yeah, still not perfect) This is a RAW file, by the way. I don'...
I must say, S20 FE's Front Camera is producing a good quality image. The selfie camera has a 32 megapixel that comes along many features, one feature is the Live Focus which amazes me.#Selfie #S20Series #FanEdition
I've been waiting for this moment. Yayyy! #OneUI3 #Android11 #S20Series #FanEdition
Does anyone here know how to tweak the setting of Samsung Camera's Pro feature to take good night sky shots?I've recently upgraded to S20 FE so I don't know how this works and I am not good in photography stuff like that. I would appreciate if you ca...