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RAM Plus performance is better in 4GB than in higher GB allowance. (Based on social media usage). Own opinion tho. 
Thank God Google messages has already integrated with the phone's theme. I just wished the icon of Messages can change colors too based on the pallette you've chosen. 
I don't like Google messages app. But it can easily set up its chat features. However in Samsung messages this is what's happening. It says Registration failed. I'm currently on One UI 4 btw.Does anyone experience this too? How did you solve it? Than...
Guys may nakakaalam ba sa inyo kung napapalitan yung notification color nung message sa messenger and instagram? Pagka-update kasi ng One UI 4 naging violet na eh. Dati naman siyang blue pag messenger and red sa IG. Ngayon violet sila both. Medyo nak...
So far it's good. In terms of fluidity....not so much. Overall it's an 7.5/10. I love the personalizations.