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The installation of apk file's is now a lot faster and idk on my side my phone doesn't even heat up it made the performance of my device faster both benchmark and casual use, bit the extra dim is not present i need to install shortcut maker to enable...
This is the features a like the most about OneUI 4.1I thanks fkr samsung for updating this theres a lot of people waiting for this to be released thank again
I just woke up and finally A51 have One UI 4.1 yes 4.1 finally our wait is not wasted they skipped 4.0 as expected considering the fact that they take quite long fkr releasing this update, soi finaly One UI 4.1 Android 12 for A51 is here i wish there...
We expect friends to be there for us forever, but sometimes that's just not the case i have a small cricle arround me because im introvert i have 3 friends on me i treated them as a brother for almost 5 yrs but i just show they're true caller the las...
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