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 What ? features would you want to see in One UI 5 For me personally I would like to see Smoother animation , new lock screen notification, new quick panel and redsign on the whole skin since we haven't got one in a few years now, and I think it's ab...
I can't stand samsung and their laggy animations沈沈 one minute it smooth next minute it laggy and not only that sometimes swipe gestures don't respond properly or work as intended I wish samsung fix their one ui animationthe whole ui is in need of ...
Anybody ever notice when u use the fingerprint on your samsung that colors on the lock screen get fainted & washed out with noise but when it's off it looks better I suggest samsung release a update to address the issue for all their galaxy devices s...
I get a great screen on time after one UI 4.1 update not only that but when I had one ui 3.1 on my galaxy a31 before the update I also use to get a great screen on time one ui is one of my favorite ui & I'm glad Samsung is making their smartphone opt...
So during my test with one ui 4.1 on social media  with my galaxy a31 i gotta say its very optimize now  everything Is so smooth with no frame drops even gaming runs constantly on 60ps  well done samsung