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Use this setting if you wish for your battery to stop charging at the percentage level you like, instead of the default feature provided by Samsung to stop charging at 85%.
Anyone experiencing this issue of Watch 4 disconnecting from phone? And require to wipe off data on Watch 4 to connect again. Thus happens after updating the Galaxy Wearable app. Can see in Google Playstore, ppl are commenting in the review that thei...
Just curious whether Adaptive Battery or Adaptive Power Saving helps in improving battery life? It seems that Samsung's own Adaptive Power Saving keeps turning on Power saving at between 60 and 70% and never turns off until I start charging my phone....
Is it covered under warranty? Just had this phone for only 1 week+. As u can see in the image, on the bottom right of the camera housing, there is a small silver dot, which is actually the paint peeling off. Quite disappointed that the paint is peeli...
Pretty sad that this phone with me for almost 3 years is on the verge of dying due to water entering components.