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While waiting for bus I have managed to snapshot some extraordinary event. Minute by minute 
Good thing about getting up early the morning, ready for bus to get to work. You can witnessed so many thing sky above you To energized your heart and soul. Get yourself with couple photographs or more 
Tested another feature on S22 ultra, eventually phone detected such as a body sky or mountain or landscapes then turn into 24 hour time-lapse video from still image either from PHOTO or PROSome photo can not be show yellow icon at the bottom right ha...
When come to bakery item you like. No way you can bypass the Apricot and rum strudel 
As a promised As early I posted something about a coolest inside gallery photo  Picture with yellow icons it call 24 hour time-lapse video from still photo What it works and how does it work please vested the link below and you will love it if you a...