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Because of the viral trangkaso, my friend didn't have it on time. But, better late than never. Phone: Samsung Galaxy @A20sShe said that it looks like she's trying to swallow the sun. But this is my favorite I love how her body poses.Too tired to adju...
Model: My friendTheme: CasualPhone: Samsung Galaxy A20sThese photos were taken after getting her first dose of vaccine. I got shot, too, the day after that day.
Galaxy A20sGalaxy A20s
Today, I tried copying Jugyeong from True Beauty's look. I mean, it turned out better than I expected.Phone: Samsung A20s 
We woke up earlier (than ever) yesterday with the agenda of loosening our stiff muscles. But the place is too nice to not take a picture with! We're laughing so hard 'cause obviously, the phone can not detect our hands藍! We looked like we're saying h...