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Alright, this is a pretty sweet upgrade. I hope it helps me get my **bleep** to the gym but thanks Samsung for the bonus.
I purchased the $400+ 42mm LTE Galaxy Watch in May to help me with accountability in weight loss. It has been a disaster. Because of my government plan, I can't actually connect it to my phone plan. For the last 3 months I've been unable to update th...
For real Samsung, you're the worst.
This blows my mind. I spent $400 on this watch & the updates won't install on it.The ONLY solution I've been given is to travel to one of the only TWO Samsung stores in Alberta for assistance (which given how helpful customer service has been, I'm no...
Can someone explain HOW this is possible for a communications giant & considering how much the watch costs?The # of apps stinks, they are not user friendly and for the last MONTH my watch won't even install them. I've received 0 help from Samsung or ...