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Mari berkeluh kesah dengan smartphone yang di bilang bilang flagship terbaik saat ini..Ya sebut saja galaxy s10 dan s10+Sampai saat ini tidak ad respond samsung sedikitpun tentang permasalahan exynos 9820 yg digadang gadang mempunyai tenaga 2x lbh ke...
How to enable super steady for s10??
New stability..Before update.. 5 minutes testedFrom 150 gips to 100 gips and still go down to 90gipsAfter update 21 june 2019From 150gips to128gips
How to update system apps samsung bro? Cheers
Can you help me bro..Exynos 9820 cant play pubg mobile smootlhyMy phone s10 exynos editionAlways get drop frames i just tested with cpu strest test , and cpu throttling from 100 to 70% in 10 minute.. Single core is very good but multi cores exynos 98...