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Hey everyone, I bought my new galaxy buds and when I tried to call someone through the buds the person on the other side of the call say they cant hear my voice instead they are hearing all other things. I tried to voice record through the buds and i...
After the recent update (I believe) a message pop up at frequent times a day on my phone which says Settings keep closing, but settings isn't really closing when I'm using the settings app but it just pop up randomly that the app is closing, I drop m...
Hey there, my phone is starting to get worse day by day, I'm using Galaxy S9 being a Samsung flagship in the year 2018 this doesn't feel like it anymore, its getting hot, apps like Instagram and YouTube and sometimes Google force closes, and some gam...
Hey there, Sometimes when I scroll down the suggestion videos or comments on YouTube it Automatically goes up, as if I cant scroll down to the comments, when I touch the screen it scrolls up to the videoIs there any way to fix this?Thank you