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This is this the rosary with a prayer in it first time drawing a rosaryThis is my picture my stained glass windows it goes to the song stained glass windows by Rare of **bleep** I got the whole song right now on the back LOLI don't know what to think...
This is supposed to be Hello Kitty in Batman and Robin costumes my friend wanted for a tattooGotta Love Ninja TurtlesToo funny this was supposed to be Bugs Bunny I guess I'll have to try him againDifferent Hello Kitty but I don't like this oneRoo fro...
and my gorgeous husbandThis is the bee nest we seen its pretty neatMy little baby by she's always in troubleMy Cat's Cat's just chilling out sleep sleeping
My drawing I draw my self just started drawing half a year ago tell me your honest opinion of whatThis is my only one I done from my imagination I like to color some of my pictures but I used the wrong green My baby Ninja Turtles i used to love the c...