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Hi, I tried the Gcam app, Camera FV-5 app, Scene Optimizer on & off and I get the same results. Something is clearly wrong with S10’s sensors. The center of the sensor seems to capture too much light (in low light) compared to the entire photo. The p...
I just don't get it. The camera is phenomenal when decent lighting. But when light comes tricky the phone becomes completely crazy. I even compared it with an old iPhone 6S in that same situation.. Samsung camera is awful.
Both photos were taken in the Subway of Montreal (Under Neon Lights), both in automatic mode, both taken at the same time, almost same spot.. The one on the left taken with my S10+ and the one on the right by my friend’s P30pro. Obviously, floor is n...
Has someone already received the new update to improve the overall performance of the phone in addition to adding the "night mode" to the camera? If so, with which supplier? Thank you!