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So i have my folders arranged in my phone but now one of the folders suddenly disappeared and also its apps and when i try to search the app that app shows in the search but when i try to locate the app it just does nothing and i tried cleaning up th...
I saw this in notices but I can't find this option and i saw my bixby is fully updated
I see this a lot of memory used by "others" how can i clean it up?
Hi I got these galaxy buds in December But i just realized the sound in left earbud got really low idk what happenedIs there anything i can do?
HiSo i was just looking through my phoneAnd in device car i saw it showed virtual memory 4 gb and in total it says 8gb ram so is the 4 gb included in 8 GB or is like excluded.Cause if it's excluded logically my phone have 12 gb of ramThank you