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I was wondering when the release date for the new One UI and Wear OS 3.5 would be if anyone knew?
Hi, I was wondering if the watches faces that would be released with the GW5 would be coming to the GW4. I would think so, but I wanted to hear from the samung community.
I was just thinking, how come samsung notes was never brought onto the Galaxy Watch4? It seems like something obvious to have on a wearable. Am I missing something?
Saw an article online about the beta for the GW4 (One UI 4.5) and it had a tweet pinned with a bunch of new watch faces, I wanted to know, are these actually real?My favorite is the one I circled below.
Hey everyone, I was just wondering if there is a way to create a personal alarm on the GW4? I know how to on a phone, but the thing is that the alarm wont go off on my watch as well. (At least I'm pretty sure it won't) Edit: the watch will vibrate fo...