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When are we expecting the Jun / Jul security updates for Note 9 in Canada ? Mine is still with Mat 1st security updates.
Trying to use the BMW Connected app on my Galaxy Note 9 and getting "An error occured while authenticating. Please try again later." error. I am able to use the same credentials using the website as well as the connected app on ios. Both my Android v...
My Note 9 screen is going off as soon as I make or receive a call. As a result I need to press the power button every times in order to get the normal in call screen. This has started happening fron Yesterday. So far the in call screen used to go off...
Did anyone receive Android 10 and One UI 2 for Galaxy Note 9 in Canada. I heard it is available on Feb 24th.
Lock Screen button on edge panel disappeared suddenly most probably after an upgrade. From edge screen in Galaxy store, lock screen option is showing but when I am trying to download and use it lock screen option is not listed. Please suggest.